Why Choose Us!

We will work with you on any level to create the perfect website to meet your business needs.

We will provide you with the knowledge that you will need so you are not misled by the "self-help" or "free" hosting companies.

We will provide you will the support you need to maintain and keep your website up to date.

Website Design

Website design and development should always begin with your company’s primary objectives in mind. Whether you are part of a nonprofit, part of an association or group, or simply managing an event, then you are in the market for an informational website. Information sites are designed with the idea of displaying information that you want customers or members to have without directly selling anything from your site. If you would like to sell your services or items online, then you be searching for an ecommerce website. Ecommerce sites allow you to sell products or services, and facilitate all the transactions that go with accordingly.

Questions you want to ask yourself!!!!

It is important to have company’s primary objectives and priorities in mind before you begin shopping around for a web design/development company. You want to know what to ask before searching in order to avoid “surprises” after you have already hired the company/person.

  • What tools do I need on my website
  • What interaction do I want from my customers if any
  • If interaction is needed, how do you want this to work for your customers
  • Will I need to sell anything
  • Do I need the ability to make changes myself
  • Have I already purchased my domain
  • Do I already have an idea of what I want website to generally look like

Budget and Planning

Keep in mind that a website can developed and designed in stages. You will probably want a fully loaded website with every bell and whistle possible, but you may only be able to buy the initial setup. This is perfect for you to sit down and determine your needs vs. your wants. We encourage you to make this list, what is absolutely crucial for your company to have to do business, and what is not needed to do business but would be nice to have. Keep in mind that when your company has more money down the road you will always be able to add on to your website.


For new websites, we have to start at the beginning with www.theappsolutions.com you selecting and purchasing a domain name. Once a domain name has been registered we will begin the design process, where you give us your ideas of what you would like your website to look like. We will then start on a template, once the template is finished, we can make tweaks to the template or simply start from scratch if you don’t like it at all. After we have successfully created a template that you are in love with, we will then start developing your website to meet your needs.

Our experience

When it comes to website design, if you can imagine it, we will do our best to make your dream come true. Our web design experts have the knowledge to create a small personal website, to a huge multi-million page ecommerce site. Whether your project is simply upgrading or improving an existing website or building it from scratch, our team will be here to guide you through each stop of the process. Here at Dewbug Web Design, we take pride in everything we do. This results in high quality, top of the line websites that do not cost you an arm and a leg. Our experts are here to meet your needs and answer any questions you may have. If you would like a FREE consultation to learn how we can assist you, please contact us today.