Why Choose Us!

We will work with you on any level to create the perfect website to meet your business needs.

We will provide you with the knowledge that you will need so you are not misled by the "self-help" or "free" hosting companies.

We will provide you will the support you need to maintain and keep your website up to date.

About Us

Who is Dewbug Web Design:

Dewbug Web Design is a small family owned company currently working out of Portland, Oregon. Richard, the web designer has a degree in Computer Science and Information Science with his expertise as a Software Engineer and has been creating fascinating websites since 2007. Cynthia, the business manager allows the business to run smoothly and is an inspiration to many of the idea’s that have been applied to websites across the nation. Dewbug Web Design is continually creating new web layouts and people friendly ideas that empower a positive experience for each and every client.

Why web design:

Richard has been working on computers since he was twelve years old, trouble shooting and repairing for a large homeschooling network in his hometown for several years and continuing his love for computers by taking college course both on campus and on-line to finish his degrees in 2011. He has always loved the challenges that computers has giving him and finds a satisfaction with the final product flowing smoothing and being able to do techniques with the web sites that are not often found on other websites. Richard has a strong desire to help others by aiding businesses into the 21st Century and placing more businesses on-line in order to expand each client’s products to a new diversified customer.

Future of our business:

Currently Dewbug Web Design is focused on expanding their current cliental to include; by word of mouth and most recently thru internet exposure. Dewbug Web Design is currently designing, hosting and maintaining several sites throughout North America. The vision of Dewbug Web Design is be able expand the company into a larger small business with a variety of employees whom can help to develop each new client’s web site into the most original site on the market today. Giving each client the personal touches need to allow them to expand to their highest potential.